What kind of ceremonies for weddings do you offer?

We are the only hotel in the destination that takes care of the civil ceremony procedures. We also have symbolic ceremonies and as of this year, in the state of Guerrero, egalitarian civil ceremonies can be performed.

Until what time can wedding at the beach take place?

Our service is for 6 hours, and the party can stay until 12:00 am.

In addition to this, we have after party packages that cover until 3:00 am, for an additional charge. The after party can also be held on the beach.

Do you carry out the civil wedding procedures?

Yes, we are the only hotel in the destination that can make these arrangements.

Do you perform Catholic weddings?

As it is a personal procedure, the hotel cannot interfere in these procedures. However, there is a church 5 minutes away from the hotel with whom you can make these arrangements.

Do all the guests have to stay at the hotel in order to do the wedding?

Yes, all guests must be staying at the hotel, this will give more benefits to the wedding.

Can I bring my own suppliers for the wedding?

No. Ideally, you should use our certified vendors to ensure that everything goes perfectly on the big day.

Can my guests have special rates for their lodging?

Yes, all guests will enjoy a preferential rate.

If it rains, is my beach wedding protected?

Yes, all of our outdoor events are backed up.

Does the hotel have transportation?

No, however, we have a vendor at the hotel to provide the service.

What are the requirements for my non-hosted guests to be able to enter the hotel?

The hotel does not accept guests who are not staying at the hotel.

Is there a fee for a set up on the beach?

No, all these expenses are already included.

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