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Papás felices y relajados con Chiquiclub, una de las amenidades para niños en Holiday Inn Ixtapa


It is a space for children, where they can use their creativity to perform the different activities we have planned for them. Among the activities you can enjoy are: chiqui-yoga, wading pool, mini-golf tournament, search for shells, construction of sandcastles, dance classes and origami classes. The ChiquiClub has its own garden and a mini golf course. Hours: 9:30 am – 6:00 pm Ages allowed: 4 years – 12 years
Celebra la Noche Mexicana todos los sábados en Holiday Inn, el mejor hotel en Ixtapa

Mexican night

Every Saturday, our guests can enjoy our weekly Mexican party, a great festival with crafts, snacks, cuisine, folk dance and traditional music.
El mejor hotel en Ixtapa cuenta con la boutique La Clásica, con artesanías locales.

Classic Boutique

Find the most original and authentic items in our exclusive boutique inspired by Mexican culture. Return home with the most beautiful souvenirs and souvenirs of your trip to Ixtapa, such as accessories from Huicho art, beautiful Taxco jewelry, Guerrero and objects with the image of Frida Kahlo.